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My Adventurer

Recently my husband and I spent the evening with a good friend. During the course of the evening we touched on many subjects of conversation.

At one point i let it be known that my husband was going to participate in an adventure that could be, inasmuch as our modern times could allow, extremely dangerous.
Our good friend, and one of his friends, asked how I felt about my husband embarking on this adventure.
I paused, and not realizing how  mercenary I sounded, repied flippantly, “We make sure that he has life insurance.”
Which elicited hoots, howls, and what I interpreted later to be a silent “Boo!”
But recalling our conversation later, I wanted to say more to them.  I felt the need to explain so much more.
I felt that i needed to explain that I am married to a man who runs not from danger, but towards it.  While serving as a United States Marine, when the first Gulf war was ramping up in the early 1990’s he found out that his unit was not one being called up to deploy.  He made the rounds at Headquarters Marine Corps to find a unit to which he could transfer in order to deploy.
I felt that I needed to explain that he was not a warmonger, but an adventurer in the old fashioned sense of the word.  Dangerous situations that might make many sane people take pause make my husband antsy to lunge in headlong.  During the recent Iraq War, being retired from the Marine Corps and no longer able to defend his nation in uniform, he got a job as a contractor with the U.S. Dept. of State to go over as a civilian and work to help his country any way he could.
I felt that I needed to explain that he and I had, indeed and always, discussed his need for adventure.  He has always made sure that I knew that he meant to always make certain that I was safe and secure, whether he was physically able to make that heppen or not.
I felt that they needed to know what it was like to live with a man whose sense of adventure would always take him out to the edge of safety and comfort.  Would they ever know what it was like to have a partner in life that cannot be stopped, no matter how much I might wish it or ask it of him.  Would they ever know that I might scream silently and want to, but would never plead with him to rethink, because I understood him better than anyone?
When one’s husband is the modern day embodiment of biblical and historical adventurers, how does one cope with knowing that they will volunteer for and leave on a moment’s notice?  He married me knowing that I am an incredibly strong woman that can and does handle everything while he is off at war or adventure.  I’m sure that that is a comfort to him knowing that hearth and home will always be taken care of.
I wanted to rewind the clock, and answer not what I had, but simply, “How can I ever stop him?”


I find that if I don’t get UP and get moving, I always find excuses not to get anything done.

But, when I get moving, I get lots done.

multi tasking

I think that the multi tasking that people do now is changing our society.  In pre-cellphone and computer days, people actually seemed to pay mroe attention to a live conversation.  They certainly paid enough attention to interaction as evidenced by the plethora of written correspondence.

Grandma’s China


How do we have the same dinner for 23 years in a row and you seem to NOT know that I hand wash my great-grandmother’s china and crystal …

Double the work for me when my husband ‘helps’ clean up after our holiday dinner.  After he is done, I must go and unload the dishwasher of the crystal, china, and silver, and then hand wash those items.


23 years now.  23 years we have been doing this, and he STILL loads them into the dishwasher?!!!

timing is everything

Timing is Everything by M.S. White

Some other time,
I would kiss the back of your neck while you read the newspaper,
she said with her beautiful mouth.
But not today,
because timing is everything,

In another place, she said,
I would put my hand on your knee as you played your guitar,
watching you enjoy sharing your heart through your fingers.

If our time was right,
I could breathe you in when you fold me into your arms.
timing is everything.

I can’t gaze into your eyes in the morning light.
You can’t put your hand on my hip as I make us coffee.
I can’t love you.
Because timing is everything,
she said with her sad smile.

I watched her later as she sat, laughing and holding his hand.
She tossed her hair and gazed into his eyes.
She rested her hand on his shoulder as they talked.
I ran away to keep from rushing over to take her in my arms.
Because, timing is everything.

There are a couple people in this world that are perfect for us,
her perfect lips told me.
The trick was to be free when I met you.
But timing is everything.

Copyright © 2013, Maura White. All rights reserved.